Day 1:
Be A More Engaging Instructor

Day 2:
Build More Engaging Experiences

Day 3:
Use Tech To Increase Engagement

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Tendencias y Futuro del eLearning

Visión Latinoamericana con Tecnología de Clase Mundial

Con Juan Sáenz, EDU Labs

Juan Saenz

En esta sesión EN ESPAÑOL verás:

Moving To A Culture of Self-Directed Learning

The Autonomous Path​

With Sharon Kaliouby | VP of North America, Learning Pool

Sharon Claffey Kaliouby

What you’ll learn:

Bringing Presence to the Online Classroom

How To Shine On And Off Camera With Your Learners

With Amy Tessitore | Client Care Analyst, Open LMS

Amy Tessitore

What you’ll learn:

Accesibillidad y Diseño Universal para el Aprendizaje (DUA-UDL)

Desarrollando Cursos, Contenidos Y Soluciones

Con Juan David Torres | Consultor Educativo, Open LMS

Juan Torres

En esta sesión EN ESPAÑOL verás:

Educación, TICs y Democracia

El Círculo Virtuoso

Con Giovanni Guatibonza | Consultor TIC en Educación y Transformación Digital

Giovanni Guatibonza

En esta sesión EN ESPAÑOL verás:

Collaborative Learning

Case Study: The Use Of Collaborative Learning To Drive Engagement At 360Learning

With Johan Goldstein | Head of Learning, 360Learning

Jonah Goldstein

What you’ll learn:

Tectonic Shifts In The World Of Learning

Four Trends All Learning Professionals Should Watch

With Kasper Spiro | CEO, easyGenerator

Kasper Spiro

What you’ll learn:

Blended Learning As The Norm

Capturing The Opportunity Of This New Normal

With John Mitchell, Russel McLeod and Hugh Denton | Arlo

John Mitchell
Russel McLeod
Hugh Denton

What you’ll learn:

Impactful Practices Of Remote Learning

Best Practices For Teaching And Learning Online

With Dr. Lynn Burks, Dr. Hank Jordan, Dr. Shawn Shumacher
and Travis Averett | DeVry University

Travis Averett
Dr. Shawn Schumacher
Dr. Henry Jordan

What you’ll learn:

Demystifying Peer Coaching

How Peer Coaching Enables A Culture Of Effective Learning

With Aaron Hurst | CEO Imperative & Britt Provost | EVP Accolade

Britt Provost

What you’ll learn:

Multi-Modal Onboarding For Instructional Designers

Three Pathways To Successful Team Growth

With Ted Curran | Learning Experience Designer, Autodesk

What you’ll learn:

How Culture Drives Team Success

A Case Study Of Culture As The Catalyst At ProCore

With LV Hanson | Director of Culture Strategy, ProCore

LV Hanson

What you’ll learn:

Engagement Through Invention Competitons

Inspiring The Future Generation Of Inventors And Innovators

With Claire Evans | Founder, Yo Inventor

Claire Evans

What you’ll learn:

Creating Safe Online Spaces To Share

Using Technology To Create Accessibility And Empower Diversity

With Dawn DiPeri | Learning Designer at Harvard University

Dawn DiPeri

What you’ll learn:

Institutional Adaption

How American University Is Pivoting In Response To The Pandemic

With Joseph Riquelme | Vice Provost and Chief Online Officer at American University

What you’ll learn:

eLearning For The Underserved

Case Study: How Na'amal Provides Engaging & Empowering Learning To Refugees

With Lorraine Charles | Co-founder and Executive Director of Na’amal

Lorraine Charles

What you’ll learn:

Bite Sized Videos For Increased Engagement

Increasing learner engagement and motivation through ease of access and use, interaction, repetition, engagement, and gamification.

With Kent Fallesen | CEO of uQualio

What you’ll learn:

A Learner Centered Onboarding Strategy

How To Roll Out Your eLearning Like A Pro

With Olayemi Olatunji | Head of Delivery at Digital Learning at pcl.

Olayemi Olatunji

What you’ll learn:

A New "DNA" For Learning?

How The Pandemic Has Changed Engagement In Europe, The Mediterranean and The Middle East

With Tasos Koutoumanos, Assil Moghnieh, and Nikos Palavitsinis | Eummena

Tasos Koutoumanos
Nikos Palavitsinis
Assil Moghnieh

What you’ll learn:

Design Before Delivery

Effective Instructional Design Techniques That Engage Learners

With Mark Parry | Association of Independent Schools of New South Wales

Mark Parry

What you’ll learn:

TGT Cooperative Learning

How Cooperative Learning Drives Engagement And Learner Success

With Guy Cihi of Lexxica & Aaron Campbell of Kyoto University

Guy Cihi
Aaron Campbell

What you’ll learn:

Co-Creation With Learners

How To Build Learning With Learners To Improve Engagement

With Gwendoline Calmels | Learning Experience Designer for

What you’ll learn:

Accessibility Is Today's eLearning Superpower

How To Build Learning With Learners To Improve Engagement

With Gavin Henrick | CEO and co-founder of Brickfield Education Labs

What you’ll learn:

Daily Wrap Up

Reflections and Next Steps

With Stephen Ladek | Director, LMSPulse

What you’ll learn:


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